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Software caters you with the most cost-effective web solutions that completely adhere to your business needs as well as the industry requirements. We have hand in delivering well-architectured, advanced and user-friendly web solutions that will surely engage your targeted audience. Creating an immaculate online presence via strategic approach is what we strive for.

L7 Group is powered by experienced IT professionals who have in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise in web development , web designing, ASP.NET Development, E-Commerce Solutions, PHP Development, Web-based Applications, Website Redesign, Portal Development, Website Maintenance, Corporate Identity Designing, SEO Services and Content Writing. Our designed web solutions are well responsive in any kind of environment and enough efficient to meet all the forthcoming challenges.

We believe in implementing innovative, creative and versatile ideas to offer the best web designs which are not only attractive, but also easy to use. Our experts are very well versed with the all kind of web related services and they make use of latest tools, techniques, languages and high performance platforms to enhance your business.

Our work begins with understanding requirement of the customer and what he expects out of our services. Our work includes designing an attractive, eye catchy look and feel for your site, developing website with perfectionist, and promoting website globally. Thus, customer all round the world can connect to you easily.

Along with all these services, L7 also assist you to make spotless presence in the multidimensional world of E-Commerce. Our primal aim is to provide quality, customer centric and time efficient services at the affordable price. Our energetic team believes in taking care of your requirements at every stage of web development.

Over years of experience, L7 Group has helped hordes of clients to promote their products and services even faster using a cost effective manner.

Land Development

Land Development is the renowned construction company based in Nagpur. Our group of experts basically deals in construction of roads, bridges and canals. We always aim to widen the range of services and skills we offer. Thus, we are broadening our contacts and expertise in order to open up to new markets opportunities.

Land Development management team is well-rounded and very proficient in acquiring and managing various assets across their footprint. The team has a strong belief in India's well-known "virtuous cycle" of infrastructure and economic growth.

Our ability sets us apart from the rest land development companies in the Nagpur. We provide you our helping hand at every project phases, whether it is planning, design, delivery or operation to ensure risk mitigation. Our every service complies with the highest quality, safety and environmental standards. We are involved in diverse delivery models like engineer, procure and construct contracts. It allows us to flex our capabilities and add value to projects from the design phase through to handover.

The Land Development adheres to fact that “CLIENTS are ROYALTY”. We put our best foot forward to serve clients’ requirements and ensure that they are treated with reverence and respect. Thus, adding values to our clients as well as their partners.

L7 has been shaping new vistas in the field of land development with years of stupendous work. L7 Group’s unequaled expertise in implementing great ideas into life space is completely beyond one’s expectations. The company professional has gained a global recognition. They have sound understanding of the global realty market and capability to face any kind of challenge establishing best practices in land development.


Construction delivers the best value in building services by placing experienced construction professionals on every project undertaken. The company has retained an enduring core of executive management, senior management, and value driven professionals for years. This type of mutual Commitment is virtually unparallel in the industry.

As based in Nagpur the fastest growing City of country, we specialize in building sophisticated new homes, commercial developments, extensions and renovations throughout India. With several years of proven experience, L7 Constructions are continually setting the standard for building services by delivering outstanding workmanship, design and innovation. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver experienced advice, technical know-how and exceptional customer service through our established network of elite builders and suppliers. Our approach focuses on continued consultation with each client, from beginning to end, to ensure each project accurately reflects your design plans L7 Constructions is committed to understanding the unique needs of each individual project and client. This, combined with our extensive industry experience in cutting edge design is key to constructing high quality, personalized projects, delivered within the stated investment parameters and timeframe. Our superior experience and knowledge ensures your dream home will be stylish, polished, and state of the art.

Resort Development

The L7 Group has actively involved in the field of hospitality industry and made several positive strides in the hospitality real estate. The company has started its operation with an ambitious project of emerging holiday resort named the L7 Resorts, which is one of the groundbreaking projects in the hospitality industry.

The Resort Development has an elaborate plan for the flagship holiday resort in India. All L7 Resorts are modeled after some of the world-class resorts, but with a blend of its own exclusive classy touch. The company has expertise and proven capacity to fulfill all aspects of complex hotel real estate acquisition and development projects.

Once done, this project is will certainly be one of the top holiday destinations in the country. These resorts will become ultimate destinations for those who have a keen eye on quality and those who are particular about having premium holiday experience.

The L7 Resort will have loads of modern amenities with star class facilities that match global standards. Thus, people can relish space and privacy to take healthy breaks from their highly pressurizing day –to-day routines. The resort will be staffed with the most experienced experts in order to serve the friendliest and professional services to our guests.

The attributes like unsurpassed experience and passion differentiate L7 from all other luxury resort developers. We work on entrepreneurial creativity, environmental and cultural sensitivity as well as financial discipline in every project we pursue. We try to remain vigilant to the various tools and techniques of the resort development. This philosophy has enabled us to produce an excellent track record of industry-leading success with our clients and business associates. L7 Group is known for all its pioneering steps in the field of hospitality industry development all round the world.


Printing Stationary and Marketing Media Production And offset Printing House.




Occasion is India’s fastest growing wedding and event company. It specializes in organizing elegant social events, corporate events, non-profit events as well as the most popular Indian weddings. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to have a small intimate gathering or a big social event; L7 will surely make your every event an unforgettable experience for you as well as your guests. The aspects like meticulous attention, personalized service and cutting edge creative design make L7 Group a sparkling star in the field of event planning. L7 Group entered into this market for inculcating efficiency and transparency in the wedding and event planning space.

All over India we celebrate all the occasions widely, heartily and enthusiastically for near about 12 months of the year. Hence, L7 stepped in this market to make the things simpler for you and manage various hard-hitting activities of occasions. Thus, you can enjoy the happiness of your event ceremony and can spend more time with your loved once. We give our best to make your special events even more special, as customers’ happiness and satisfaction are the measures our success.

L7 Group works extensively with nationally recognized event planning experts. We assure you that only the most proven professionals will design your events. Our experts have capability of transforming unexpected spaces into masterpieces of creativity. We have been recognized nationally and internationally for excellent work as wedding planners, event planners and corporate event planners.

Our professionalism and experience is reflected in our ability to understand our clients' expectations and completely transform them into events which are exquisite as well as flawlessly produced. With excellent branding ideas, we promise you to make your event more spectacular. Our company proves to be a trusted partner in the event planning and execution.

Wedding Destination

Occasion (L7 Group Company) had launched 70 acres farm villa project named “Wedding Destination under its banner. It has been developed on a newly constructed 6 lane outer ring road inside Nagpur. The project has been located in the metro region at Wedding Destination, Dighori, Nagpur. (at Tarodi exit)

L7 Group is one of very fast growing enterprise, which has been diversified and established in several verticals such as Commodity Exchange, Reality, Food Processing, Steel Manufacturing, Infrastructure, Software etc. We have served the aforementioned sectors for years and after having loads of success, we have started planning about our dream project “Wedding Destination”.

“Wedding Destination” is a very ambitious project, which is going to be established in 70 Acres. We are aspiring to make this project a ‘MAGIC WAND’ in the history of Nagpur. In accordance to that, all the planning, designing & monitoring will be done by India’s one of the finest landscape designers, architects, interior designers etc.

“Wedding Destination” LOCATION:

- On Outer Ring road, Dighori Nagpur. (In Nagpur Metro region)
- 13 Kms from Sahara City.
- 18 Kms from Airport.
- 13 Kms from Railway Station.
- 07 Kms from Wardhaman Nagar.
- 06 Kms from Bus Station.
- 02 Kms from New Umiya Industrial Estate, Bhandara Raod.
- 06 Kms from Centre point school (Wardhaman Nagar)
- 04 Kms from Kapsi Market Area.

Wedding Destination will accompany 39 Farm Villas that are 20,000 sq.ft in area and a 5 star wedding destination named “Farm Houses“.

This project has gained immense popularity in no time. As a result, the first two blocks of 18 villas of Wedding Destination were fully booked on 6th march 2014. Also, a number request have been received by the company for booking of remaining 20 , but due to delivery restriction the new booking are not taken.

L7 Group is very thankful to its investors and consortium for showing their great faith in the company and making our dream project true.

Farm Houses

“Farm Houses” is one of the bewitching parts of Wedding Destination project. It is a 5 star residence wedding destination spread over 15 acres.

“Farm Houses” is going to be a class of art project wherein you can arrange birthday to marriage parties or any other every celebration of life. There is a spacious space to accommodate 100 to 3000 people. In addition to this, it will also have 125 rooms in two blocks which have capacity accommodate around 400 guests.

Farm Houses boasts a unique type of ambiance and charm, which make it best suited venue for any kind of special occasion. Situated in the vibrant atmosphere, this wedding destination offers a variety of wedding ceremony and reception options, as well as different types of other amenities for any social event. It is definitely a great place to relax and spend time with your family and friends on your special day. If you are looking to host your wedding ceremony and/or reception at a private home, mansion, or villa then "Farm Houses" is a place to consider.

Steel Re-rollers

Iron and Steel Sector is the core industry domain in India and about a century old. As far as current scenario is considered, India is the fourth largest producer of crude steel and is expected to move ahead of its competitors in upcoming couple of years. Steel is the main aspect of every Industry. The process of converting raw steel into various steel equipments involves a range of processes. Thus, focusing the immense need of steel re-rolling plants, L7 Group have decided to enter into the Iron and Steel Sector with a company named Steel Re-rollers


Castings is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of steel castings. We guarantee a long term commitment to quality, backed up by latest technology. Our products are known for proper fit, high performance and customer satisfaction. We work on every aspect of designing and in-house production that includes product engineering, casting and machining. We possess an expertise you need to make the precise casting decisions on existing or new projects.

Dall Udhyog

Since our inception in 1990, we have extensively grown in the food processing market. We acknowledge that food processing sector has immense potential and it is growing with every passing day. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries says that India is the largest producer of wheat and rice, and also there is about 10% of global fruit production only itself in India. In addition, India is the world’s largest producer of milk and milk related products. Only a quick glimpse of current market scenario lets you know that the demand for ready-to-eat foods is rising rapidly. Growing urbanization and an increase in the number of nuclear families, rising health awareness, the rising size of the Indian middle class and evolving consumer tastes are some of the important reasons for the growth of the food processing industry.

Hence, L7 Group have decided to enter in the food processing sector and established a Dal Mill in the year 2000. Due to the collective efforts, our company is sure to experience the rising height of success in the near future. Our company is known for:

Efficient team to handle food processing operations.
Chemical and microbiological and analytical services.
Production process which has minimal human touch and flavor loss.
Temperature controlled ware houses to maintain optimum product quality.


Manufacturer of Rawa, Maida, Suji & Bran.


Finance(NBFC, Registered with RBI) has been providing finance and gold loans to requisite people countrywide . We understand that our Indian economy has a complex financial architecture, but we can’t underestimate the fact that it is one of the most robust segments of the economy. Despite of all other market segments, finance sector has been the most active part of the economy for the past 20 years. Ultimately, it has resulted in tremendous GDP growth.

At Finance, we completely understand the responsibility that rests on our shoulders. As we are a company with an ever increasing asset base, we always take care that our monetary transaction processes should be smoother in every case, be it a money transfer, gold loans or gold bonds.

We are entrusted with the sole purpose of delivering value to our customer’s need. As a result, we serve gold loan requirements depending upon the principle loan amount. Our team is very instrumental in accomplishing the set objective. Because, our primal aim is to have holistic growth of the profound values of integrity, economy fosters in our culture, honesty and humility.

The Finance is the renowned in all corners of India. It feels very proud to know that hordes of people are benefited from our trusted gold loan and finance services. We are highly concern about safeguarding the deposits of gold ornaments. With our flexible interest rate policy, you can cope with volatile markets. We have served almost every section of the society in obtaining quick cash for accomplishing their dreams.


The world is continually moving ahead with the faster pace. Due to the technological advancement, new ideas are born every other day in each business sector. But, sometimes we fail to implement them effectively due to some or the other reason. Hence, in order to help you L7 Group has taken the first step towards giving wings to your ideas. In this effect, we have started promoting Crowdfunding concept. It is an innovative and unique approach towards providing an infrastructure to convert creative ideas into realities.

Our complete ecosystem will take your design, to the horizons which you have dreamt about. We will provide complete HR and Legal assistance, Office space, Software’s, Quality Assurance to clients in the USA and India. It proves to be very imperative at the starting phase of our business. So, all you have to do is; bring your innovative self and get started with us. Just following our simple guidelines, you will become master of your business sector.

No doubt, incubation enhances the growth of your business at very early stage. All in all, it helps you improve the survival rate of newly established companies by assisting them become financially viable. Incubation also establishes a synergistic environment where newbie can share learning, create working partnerships and do business together. It will boost your confidence, at the same time helps to open doors to markets and resources.

The different programs organized by L7 are part of our commitment to develop and support the success of our members worldwide. Our programs will accelerate your learning, meet great talent and hook up you with new collaborators.

If you have come up with the great ideas, but finding it hard to make it workable and useable. So, contact us today, we are best on it. We work for implementing your ideas into the right context. It is our core skill to build up the solution for your new and unsolved ideas.

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